Lathe Vario 560x2000

Opti Turn


  • Heavy centre lathe with Siemens Inverter-Vario drive, which distinguishes themselves by high flexibility, precision and economy. With digital position display DPA 21
  • Hardened and ground bed guideways
  • Spindle seat Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 No. 8
  • Speed monitoring according to machine directive
  • EMC filter also for the use in mixed-use areas
  • Coolant system with separate coolant tank, Level indicator and oil separator; Easy and complete draining and cleaning according to DIN
  • Guaranteed true running accuracy of the spindle nose better than 0.015 mm
  • Clearly arranged gear selector levers to switch the feed speeds
  • Emergency-stop push button, protective motor switch, lockable main switch
  • Right-handed / left-handed rotation on the bed slide switchable via stem
  • Central lubrication at the bed slide
  • Mechanic longitudinal feed switch-off of the bed slide with four adjustable eccentric
  • Protective cover lead screw
  • Foot-operated emergency stop device
  • Electrical system with Siemens components
  • Adjustable scale of the threading gauge

Digital position display DPA 21

  • Rotational speed display
  • Considerable reduction of the manufacturing times
  • High working accuracy
  • Error rate is reduced
  • Glass scales



Fast acting feed gear

  • Closed structure
  • Hardened and ground toothed wheels and shafts
  • Running in an oil bath on precision bearings

Main spindle

  • Hardened and ground
  • Running in an oil bath
  • Running on 2 readjustable precision taper roller bearings
  • Gearwheels smooth running, hardened and ground


  • Precisely worked
  • Handwheels with adjustable precision scaling of 0.04/0.02 mm
  • All guidings adjustable via V-ledges
  • Shafts and wheels running in the oil bath
  • Range of adjustment top slide ± 90°

Chip protection

  • Generously dimensioned
  • Integrated fluorescent tube


  • Adjustable by ± 15 mm for taper turning
  • Tailstock spindle sleeve and handwheel with adjustable precision scaling of 0.025 mm

Energy chain

  • Cable duct in an energy chain

Converter SINAMICS G120D

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Opti Turn
Metal lathe TH5620V with optional chuck
Order number  
Main data
Orig. nr. TH5620V
Electric connection
Voltage V 3x400
Power motor kW 7.5
Center height mm 280
Distance between centers mm 2000
Swing over bed mm 560
Swing over carriage mm 355
Swing in gap mm 785
Gap length mm 150
Bed width mm 350
Number of speeds 2 steps, variable
Spindle speed min-1 25-1600
Spindle nose Camlock DIN55029 8
Spindle hole mm 105
Threads and feeds
Longitunidal feed mm/rev 0.059 - 1.646
Transversal feed mm/O 0.020 - 0.573
Metric threads M 0.2 - 14
Inch threads Gg/1" 112 - 2
Trapezoidal threads D.P. 112 - 4
Modular threads M.P. 0.1 - 7
Travel tool post slide mm 130
Travel cross slide mm 310
Tool changer height mm 25 x 25
Tailstock cone MC 5
Tailstock travel mm 180
Weight kg 2.720,00
Dimensions (b x d x h) mm 3.340x1.150x1.460
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